The most prominent brands in the market however, recommend the Calibration of the Manifold, with some suggesting it should be done before every use
We need to dig in to find the truth, and it is not in a title, it is probably in the description… let´s keep reading guys.
You Dryer Machine is not working, your wife is ready to kill you, what to do next?
The Actuator is located at the bottom of the machine and shifts the washer from agitate to spin. The main reason to change it is that the washer it is not going into the spin cycle.
In the midst of this situation, no one has come to say that we owe a big round of applause to the technicians, of all kinds, but especially to those of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Home Appliances. Dare to say to any household, let´s do some quarantine to the washing machine, the air conditioning or the fridge, we should wait for the situation to improve.
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