Washer Shift Actuator Replacement WPW10006355

Washer Shift Actuator Replacement WPW10006355

The homonymous words are those that are pronounced and spelled the same, although they have different meanings. Homophones are pronounced the same, are spelled differently, and have different meanings. While the homographs, differ in their meaning although they are written the same.

How does that previous information end up being related to a website that sells spare parts for Appliances, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration?

That is a great question, which will be answered by an Actuator for a Washing Machine in the following lines.

The Actuator is located at the bottom of the machine and shifts the washer from agitate to spin. The main reason to change it is that the washer it is not going into the spin cycle.

In particular with the part number WPW10006355, we have two parts that do not look alike, have the same part number, and solve the same problem.

This has become an issue for most of the DIY, Do It Yourself, that are expecting a part, based on the original part, images or videos, and end up receiving something else that does not look the same.

What usually happens? The customer returns the product thinking that the seller sent something else by mistake or the wrong product was packed in the box by the manufacturer.

Our recommendation to our great customers is to always contact the seller prior to opening a return, and to not hesitate in asking even before purchasing any product. You would be surprised of how many parts are updated with different part numbers that are actually the same product.

Anyway, just remember that a part does not need to look alike, to get your Washing Machine back on track!








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