The truth untold

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The truth untold

We are in the Twitter era, which for means that reading a title is enough to understand the whole context. Well, we are wrong, and that is why we keep getting all those messages that rather than help, leave us helpless. We need to dig in to find the truth, and it is not in a title, it is probably in the description… let´s keep reading guys.

Anyway, if we have any doubts, let´s ask a question, someone who knows will always be willing to help.

Look at this example: 8″ WHITE PLASTIC LOUVERED VENT

Take a look at the picture in the post, what is exactly 8 inches?

We are going to help you!

The 8 inches you may think is related with the square dimensions, right?

Wrong again, the 8 inches is the diameter of the hose that connects to the back.

See, a technician will know that, but a DIY will get frustrated about it.


That´s the lesson for today about titles and descriptions, we need to ship this.

Have you had this problem in the past? Give us your comments!

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