5 steps to follow before purchasing a spare part

5 steps to follow before purchasing a spare part

You Dryer Machine is not working, your wife is ready to kill you, what to do next?

In these five simple steps you´ll be able to identify the issue, ask for help, buy the part, and get it ship to you soon enough so you can keep watching that Basketball game in peace:

  1. Unplugged the unit before starting any testing on the Dryer.
  2. Look for your Dryer Machine Brand and Model Number, information located usually at the door or back of the unit. We are here to help, if you need additional information.
  3. Have a Multimeter at hand, it will help a lot to identify faulty parts.
  4. Search on the Internet for possible parts related with the issue. As an example: if your dryer machine won´t heat, you´ll find out that the most common solution will be a new Thermal Fuse, Heating Element, Thermostat, Cycling Thermostat or the Gas Valve Solenoid, among other parts.
  5. Get ready for the easy part, purchase the product from our Parts Of US website and you can even choose a faster shipping option if you want to see a smile on your wife again.

Keep at hand our email addresses: sales@partsofus.com or info@partsofus.com and phone number: 786 2727114.

Hopefully you won´t need to call us, but be ready in case you do.

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