Covid-19 and a big round of applause for the technicians

Covid-19 and a big round of applause for the technicians

The recognition to the doctors, nurses, and all the personnel who have been involved in supporting the current world health situation, which has triggered the Coronavirus or Covid-19, were immediate.

In Spain the applause had an 8pm appointment, in Mexico at 9pm and it was called "Extra Thanks". Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Andorra, Germany, Colombia, Argentina, at least 30 countries that have made gestures of support for an unthinkable health crisis six months ago.

In the midst of this situation, no one has come to say that we owe a big round of applause to the technicians, of all kinds, but especially to those of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Home Appliances. Dare to say to any household, let´s do some quarantine to the washing machine, the air conditioning or the fridge, we should wait for the situation to improve.

Imagine a mountain of clothes piling up, damaged food in a fridge waiting for repair, medical facilities or food lines waiting for a spare to attend the damage.

Refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, kitchens, and equipment of all kinds have continued to be repaired, thanks to the work of brave technicians who have decided to answer the call with the necessary caution.

Thanks to you, even though the world may be a strange or different place due to the Coronavirus, peace has continued to reign in our homes. The medical staff has saved lives, you technicians have saved marriages and families.

To you technicians, our highest recognition!

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